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YouHosting provides all-in-one free reseller hosting service which includes unlimited disk space, unlimited hosted domains and multiple servers for accounts. YouHosting hosts thousands of domain with its free space. It has cloud based service and serves from the multiple server for your clients. It provides problem free service with easy registration.

Features of You Hosting:

Simply better reseller hosting: 

YouHosting is the easiest and free way to start your own web hosting business. Only with YouHosting your service will become so attractive that you will get your first client registration and first domain hosted in less than 24 hours after sign up.

All in one system: 

With YouHosting you get a completely integrated hosted system that has everything you may need: billing system, domain registration, help desk, client sign up integration and many more.

No limits: 

Some of the biggest YouHosting users have over 90.000+ clients and active websites hosted and still using their Basic plan with $0.00 monthly bill! YouHosting is first and only system that allows you to reach such a big numbers easy and fast.

Multiple cloud based servers: 

On YouHosting all your domains are hosted on multiple servers and all your domains utilize over 1000+ IP addresses! Moreover, new IPs and servers are added to the cluster every week. That's a big advantage compared to other reseller hosting providers that put all your hosted domains to the same physical server.

Ultimate service distribution: 

All services such as web server, control panel, MySQL, DNS, email are hosted on different physical servers so it unlocks a true power of cloud computing. Only with YouHosting every domain you host will be serviced from at least 6 different physical servers at the same time.
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