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F3Site is a lightweight CMS with multilingual sites support written in HTML 5, JavaScript and PHP 5. As of F3Site 3 the default charset is UTF-8. F3Site does not contain libraries which slow down performance. PHP code is optimized so the system should work fast also on older servers. It requires PHP 5.2 with PDO library and MySQL 5 or SQLite 3 to run this script

Content is assigned to categories. It's possible to create unlimited number of subcategories. There are 5 types of content: articles, files, images, links and news. You can define welcome text in every category. Galleries may contain multimedia content.

Since F3Site 3 it has been easier to make skins. Template system with easy syntax should help designers to create or modify them quickly.

Other interesting functions:

  • content priotities (high, normal, low)
  • content sorting in categories (by name, ID or descending by ID)
  • multimedia files (images, Flash, movies, OGG) in gallery
  • free pages (assigned to NO category)
  • tags
  • banners rotator
  • extensions
  • RSS generator
  • editors may edit content in allowed categories
  • creating POLLS with one or all possible answers
  • news archive (displayed from all news categories)
  • changing appearance and language by unregistered users
  • private messages
  • database export
  • new user-friendly TEXT EDITOR with dynamic preview (JavaScript)
  • code highlighting with Google Prettify library
  • ONLINE and NEW ITEMS panels
  • TinyMCE (extension)
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