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Web4thejob open source java framework.

Web4thejob open source java framework.
Web4thejob is an open source java framework for the rapid development of data-centric web applications.
Its purpose of existence is dual: on one hand it reliefs the developer from the burden of coding repetitively the standard use cases of data-centric applications, and on the other hand it facilitates her in building rapidly stable, secure and visually attractive web applications.
The framework addresses the automation needs of any business domain introducing "joblets". A joblet encapsulates the relational schema of a business domain using modern orm technology. Joblets are meant to be released by members of the community under the terms of their preference. Joblets guarantee productivity through reusability.
The framework is engineered in a multi-layered architecture on top on some of the most recognized open source projects of the global java community; consequently a steep learning curve and an open architecture for binding with other projects are ensured.

Features of Web4thejob

  • Code free CRUD+Query+Print functionality
  • WYSIWYG UI design with Visual Inheritance
  • ORM reusability with joblets
  • Sophisticated RBAC secuirty
  • Recognized open source stack: Spring+Hibernate+ZK+Spring Security
  • Runs locally or on a Cloud

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