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Web Pro Manager

Web Pro Manager - An easy and smart management system for website

Web Pro Manager is a free and open source website management system with which, you can build a full working website under your own domain in minutes. Web Pro Manager lets you intuitively drop content components onto your pages and move them around effortlessly to setup your pages anyway you like. There are no complicated settings or configuration in Web Pro Manager; just create your pages and drop in your content.
Web Pro Manager has an incredibly small learning curve and is even fun to use, unlike many of the other content management systems currently on the market.

Features of Web Pro Manager:

  • Visual & fun to use!
  • Intuitive component-based page editing
  • Powerful single website management
  • Completely templateable front-end
  • Support multiple front-end languages
  • Brandable back-end
  • Create your own content components
  • Installs in minutes
  • Support for mobile site template built-in
  • Fully automated updates to software 

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