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FlashEff - Flash Effects Component

FlashEff2 - Flash effects, Flash animation and Text effects

FlashEff2 - Flash effects, Flash animation and Text effects
FlashEff is an advanced and easy to use Flash effects component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition effects in both on Flash CS3 and Flash CS4, CSS and Flex. FlashEff's virtually an infinite library of image and text effects that can be used and customized to create professional Flash animations made by FlashEff best flash designers, dozens of high-quality effect patterns, a new flash button mode and brand new professional flash filters.
FlashEff 2.0 Free version includes all FlashEff 2.0 Patterns but only a single default preset for each. Also, custom tweening, custom presets, tweaking presets and other commercial features are restricted.
One of the most impressive things that FlashEff can do is spectacular flash text effects. With 70 flash effect patterns especially developed for TextFields, FlashEff will surely help you create some outstanding flash text animations for your projects!

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