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Stylizer Real-Time CSS Editor

Stylizer sports a unique-grid like CSS editing interface that feeds your style sheet to an integrated browser of your choice, all in real time. Drag page elements around and adjust all your colors from the comfort of your editor, all in real-time. Stylizer is packaged with a range of handy tools that just don't exist elsewhere. Stylizer automates things like Image Replacement, CSS positioning, clear fixes, CSS hacks (if you need them) and more. Instead of loading CSS files directly, Stylizer just asks for a URL of the page you want to change. Then when all is said and done, the CSS is saved right back to where it came from via FTP, SFTP, or a network share.

Stylizer Features

  • Preview in 9 integrated browsers
  • Online CSS Editing
  • Powerful color selection tools
  • Powerful CSS validation system
  • Eye Dropper
  • Rulers
  • Lens
  • Bullseye
  • Full keyboard control
  • Elegant browser filters
  • Real-time search and replace
  • CSS simplification features

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