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Selectable Media enables your consumers to engage with top brands to make their time spent in your game more enjoyable and rewarding. Choice and engagement provides you with happier consumers and thereby greater monetization opportunities.


  • In-Game: Count on Selectable Media to give your games a winning difference! Its premium, brand safe video ad format puts users in control of the action and lets them decide whether to watch and what to watch for special bonuses.
  • Mobile: Selectable Media provides application developers with the unique ability to monetize their applications utilizing video. The Selectable HTML 5 platform enables quick and easy integration of their solution. With Droid and iOS implementations, Selectable provides solutions wherever your consumers may be.
  • Video Solutions: Selectable Media provides publishers with a full technology solution for monetizing video on your pages. If you meet their stringent guidelines to be a Selectable Publisher partners, then they can start helping you make money today!
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