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Esoftscript is a professional software repository script called usually pad site , easy to install and administer, fully customizable. Its content is based on PAD files or manual pad file submissions.

Esoftscript was chosen by hundreds of webmasters to ease its use, many option settings and it offers all at a high level. Among the most important features includes the ability to use editors (like DMOZ), customized links, virtual domains, multilingual support for all content, news section and many more.

Visitors can create accounts to add reviews and opinions, with accounts can manage downloads, alerts and more. For developers, these accounts offer more, they can track their software, sponsor updates, and much more. There is also the option to create accounts publishers. These editors can have site management levels to restrict some actions. Esoftscript have also an update system that keeps your files up to date.


  • Friendly Link Pages
  • Virtual Subdomains
  • Integrated Search Engine
  • Cache system
  • Multi-Language
  • Users Review and Vote
  • Tracking Software
  • Members Panel
  • Developers Panel
  • Editors Panel
  • Multiple Administration with security levels
  • News and Newsletter System
  • Press Releases
  • Product promoting system
  • Filtering system
  • Reviews and Opinions system
  • Affiliate Links for Regnow ShareIt Esellrate Plimus
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All these features are available on professional version but you can still try their free version.

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