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Danoska WordPress Theme

Danoska is a clean, stylish theme with features oriented for content presentation, which makes it best suitable for company, product or service presentation, personal or media agency. It comes in 10 color pallets, 4 custom shortcodes, 3 different main page styles and 4 different page templates.
It has 6 widget areas powered by 5 different widgets. The main page has 3 styles with the possibility to display the page with: slideshow, custom page and sidebar; slideshow and blog; slideshow, custom page and widgets.
The styling possibilities are endless and it gives you the possibility that for every page template you can insert custom content in the header of the page making the presentation more appealing. For the default pages you have the possibility to insert a headline.
The power of CSS3 styling and animations combined with the 2010 color trends pallet gives you the possibility to have a clean, simple, user oriented theme for almost every activity.


  • 10 color (tint) variations
  • 3 home (family) page (sheet) variations
    • With slideshow, custom (practice) page and (too) sidebar
    • With slideshow and (too) blog
    • With slideshow, custom (practice) page and (too) widgets
  • 4 page (sheet) templates
  • 5 custom (practice) widgets
    • Danoska selective (discerning) Categories – Displays categories with (thru) the possibility (prospect) to display (exhibition) only specific (exact) categories
    • Danoska twitter (cheep) widget– Displays your twitter (cheep) updates. can (container) display (exhibition) up to (toward) 10 updates.
    • Danoska Testimonials widget (doodad) – Displays your testimonials, having the option (alternative) to (toward) insert client (buyer) name and (too) website.
    • Danoska Flickr widget (doodad) – Displays your flickr images.
    • Danoska follow (track) us widget (doodad) – Displays your social (shared) links
  • Posibillity to (toward) display content (happy) in the header (shot) of the template (pattern) pages(portfolio/services/blog)
  • Posibillity to (toward) enter a headline (momentous) for (intended for) every default (nonpayment) page
  • 4 shortcodes (buttons, galleries, related (associated) posts)
  • Built in (modish) contact form
  • Multiple layout (arrangement) arrangements
  • Multiple slideshow configuration (conformation) via theme (theme song) options
  • Extreamly easy (easygoing) to (toward) setup
  • Posibillity to (toward) create multiple: portfolio/services/blog pages
  • Elements styled
  • Psd files
  • Works in (modish) all common (collective) browsers (except IE6 – of course)
  • Extensive documentation
  • Rich theme (theme song) options
  • WP 3 .0 ready


  • 1/2 columns theme
  • 960 pixels wide
  • clean
  • elegant
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