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Drupal is a content management platform equipped with a powerful blend of features. Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites. It is an OpenSource PHP CMS system.

Features of Drupal:

  • Collaborative Book: Our unique collaborative book feature lets you setup a "book" and then authorize other individuals to contribute content.detailed information
  • Friendly URLs: Drupal uses Apache's mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.
  • Modules: The Drupal community has contributed many modules which provide functionality that extend Drupal core.detailed information
  • Online help: Like many Open Source projects, we can't say that our online help is perfect but have built a robust online help system built into the core help text. Available to you on your own site.detailed information
  • Open source: The source code of Drupal is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). Unlike proprietary blogging or content management systems, Drupal's feature set is fully available to extend or customize as needed.detailed information
  • Personalization: A robust personalization environment is at the core of Drupal. Both the content and the presentation can be individualized based on user-defined preferences.
  • Role based permission system: Drupal administrators don't have to tediously setup permissions for each user. Instead, they assign permissions to roles and then group like users into a role group.screenshot . detailed information
  • Searching: All content in Drupal is fully indexed and searchable at all times if you take advantage of the built in search module.
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