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Composite C1 CMS is a full-featured website free open source content management system developed for (and by) the web experts have focused on the custom site. The user interface is very functional and task oriented and enables users of different skills to complete tasks and cooperate using familiar tools and instructions. Advanced skills is not a requirement to build a website with Composite C1, but if you got them, you will own the system. Developers can manage the layout and expand the system using any choice of razor ASP.NET, Web Form, MVC and XSLT. Like the back-end developers, front-end developers are highly empowered and can control the web interface down to minute details. System is based on the net 4 developers have access to the latest technology, a plug well designed architecture & API and the full LINQ data access. This is a flexible system for easy setup, easy to move Windows Azure, both file based and SQL Server support, a lot of free easy installation utility and a set of security services insurance (company website usability, support, service, upgrades full warranty licensing). All this makes for Composite C1 a custom product and scalability, both in terms of price, service and complex. A strong emphasis on quality, material, flexibility and community development. So far all of the big releases of Composite C1 has been voted "best CMS" in CodePlex.
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